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MgiDeals Terms and Conditions

MgiDeals provides you a website to compare and get the best-priced products, according to your needs and requirements. We are committed towards providing you with an amazing user experience and extend our heartiest gratitude to you for appreciating our work. In this page, we will list down all the terms and conditions of using our website. We request our customers to please read through them carefully and also keep themselves updated for any changes in our conditions.

This document is published according to the Information Technology Rules, 2011. These guidelines specify the different regulations, rules, privacy policies and the terms and conditions of use for website access.

For your notice
MgiDeals provides important details regarding its services and conditions regarding the use of those services here. We request you to go through them in detail. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our set of terms and conditions and promise to accept and abide by those rules and regulations.

1. Purpose
i. MgiDeals is allowed to provide services for researching different attributes and doesn’t take any responsibility about the accuracy of the data.

ii. MgiDeals could also let the user send SMSs to their top callers or send emails to their acquaintances letting them know about any service or product.

iii. The site is also entitled to provide features to allow sending or receiving messages, invites etc to your contacts. The details of your contacts will be submitted by you and the permission will be granted by you to use those details for the above-mentioned purposes.

2. Definitions
i. By “Content”, MgiDeals refers to any information, text, music, data, software, videos, graphics, articles, materials, notices and any other type of information that is available for viewing or downloading on the website.

ii. “Features” would include any VAS (Value added services) that are interactive and present on the website.

iii. “Site” means the website of MgiDeals, i.e. www.mgideals.in and the other linked pages that are operated or posted by MgiDeals.

3. Warranties and Representations
i. MgiDeals or any of its employees/associates/affiliates in any way are not responsible for any kind of damage or loss due to any errors on the site that is basically inadvertent. The information is provided “as is”. The warranties that are expressed on the site, regarding any matter or content including the warranty of merchantability and non-infringement are all disclaimed.

ii. MgiDeals and all its associates/affiliates are not liable for any performance failures, delay in operation, interruptions, omissions, computer viruses, theft or unauthorized access etc of the website content available. We do not take any responsibility of the accuracy, completeness, adequacy or reliability of any information with regards to a particular situation.

4. Conduct
i. MgiDeals expects you to maintain a certain code of conduct while using its website. You can post your comments and reviews and also suggestions. You can give better ideas or other information. However, none of your content should contain obscene, threatening, illegal or defaming information and should not be precarious to our third parties. Use of fake email addresses is against our rules. Your content must not have viruses, chain letter, politically inclined tones and messages.

ii. MgiDeals takes the authority to remove any content, mentioned above, that violates the code of conduct. The user takes the entire responsibility of the content posted by them and MgiDeals takes no responsibility in the same.

iii. Our terms and conditions prohibit you from using our website to cause any harm to any third party, to interfere with the site’s servers, to disrupt the speed of the screen, to harass any user or disobey any requirements and policies of MgiDeals.

iv. By using our website after reading these documents, you accept that you will use the site properly and according to the different guidelines laid down by these documents. You confirm that the information given by you to us is true and accurate.

5. Cashback policy
i. The policies of MgiDeals entitle you to receive a cash reward for genuine transactions that are tracked and verified. We can initiate your cash back once the retailer has successfully tracked your transaction and paid us our commission. It will take the required amount of time and we expect you to keep patience and let the operations happen smoothly.

ii. We are not responsible for any delay or failures in the tracking of your transactions and we stand unquestionably in such situations.

iii. The amount received in the cashback may not always be in line with your expectations. Situations like this happen when we receive a lower commission from the retailer. In such cases, we can take up a query with the retailer, if you want us to do so.
iv. We might also forfeit the cashback if the user account is terminated by us or the transaction is made by any unlinked user account.

6. Payments
You can withdraw your cashback from the redeem tab. You need to fill in the necessary details for the same. This includes your name, email address, and phone number. You will be asked to enter the amount that you wish to redeem. There is a certain period up to which the cashback is valid. You should get in touch with us for more details about the same.

7. How linking works for MgiDeals
We do not endorse any hyperlinked sites on our website. We take no responsibility for the quality of warranty of such service providers.

8. Intellectual Property
MgiDeals holds the copyrights of any content, i.e. articles, blogs, images, audio, graphics, and text etc. on the website unless otherwise mentioned.

9. License
You are allowed to access and use the content of MgiDeals only for informational purposes and not make any modifications to it.

10. Modifications on the site
Only MgiDeals holds the legal right to modify, change or cancel any content on their website. No other entities can do it, with or without any notice.

11. Login
MgiDeals owns the right to delete or terminate any login account if found guilty of violating the rules of conduct.

12. Disclaimer
MgiDeals holds no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the website content and makes no warranties regarding the same. Under no circumstances, MgiDeals is responsible for any performance delays due to acts of nature, acts of God, strikes, telecommunication equip failures, floods, storms, civil disturbances, and non-performance of third parties etc.

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