Chemistry Optional Books

Important Books for Chemistry Optional for UPSC: Are you Looking Suggested Books List for Civil Services Chemistry Optional, here is IAS and IFoS Mains Chemistry Optional Reference Books. Best Books for Chemistry optional

1. Principles of Organic Synthesis, 3rd Edition By Norman and Coxonhttps: Click here

2)Reaction Mechanism in Organic Chemistry By S.M. Mukhaerji : Click here

3)Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds By P. S. Kalsi: Click here

4)Principles of Physical Chemistry by B.R Puri ,Madan S.Pathania: Click here

5)Principles of Physical Chemistry by Puri, Sharma and Kalia: Click here

6)Advanced Physical Chemistry By Gurdeep Raj: Click here

7)A Textbook of Physical Chemistry – Vol. 4 By Kapoor K L: Click here

8)An Introduction To Electrochemistry By Samuel Glasstone: Click here

9)Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reaction And Synthesis (Part B): Click here

10)Organic Chemistry 2nd Edition By Clayden, Nick Greeves, and S.Warren: Click here

11)March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms and Structure 7ed: Click here

12)ORGANIC SPECTROSCOPY 3rd Edition By William Kemp: Click here

13)Organic Chemistry By Stanley H. Pine: Click here

14)A guide to mechanism in organic chemistry by Peter Sykes: Click here

15)A textbook of physical chemistry by K.L. Kapoor: Click here

16)A textbook of organic chemistry by Bahl & Ba: Click here

17)Selected topics in inorganic chemistry by Malik: Click here

18)Principles of Physical Chemistry by Puri, Sharma & Pathway: Click here

19)Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee: Click here

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