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At MgiDeals, we understand that your privacy is important to you and hence, it is for us. Our privacy policy is designed with a notion to protect and respect your privacy. Our policy clearly lays down the reasons of why we collect any personal data from you and how we process the same. In case we change any aspect of our privacy policy, we take care in posting the same on our website immediately. This is because, for us, our consumers are a priority!
It is important that you go through all the key information in this privacy policy guide so that you get a clear view of our practices about treating your personal data. If you have any queries regarding the same, you can contact us at

Our privacy policy
The data that we collect from you is solely owned by us. Our policy doesn’t allow us to rent, sell or share any of your information with a third party, in any medium except the ones mentioned in the privacy policy. The information captured by us includes the ones provided by you at the time of newsletter subscription or while trying to contact us. We collect your information, basically for research and survey purposes. We also give you the choice to skip participating in such surveys. Apart from these, we also capture the weblogs of you visiting our site. This includes data about your location, traffic, and communication.

Please read carefully the details of our privacy policy. If you do not conform to any of the points mentioned below, please contact us now.

Information that we may collect from you
The information that we capture from your weblogs or directly from you could include
1. A record of your address for correspondence, when you try to get in touch with us.
2. Your contact details, relationship details, analytics details or your location details. We could also collect all of the above details.
3. Certain details that are aimed towards surveys. You have the freedom to skip such survey questions.

Information about your IP addresses and cookies on your browser
When you visit our website, we record information related to location, traffic, and other contact details when you access our products or resources. This includes
1. Information about your system that includes your IP address and browser type. This is aimed towards providing statistical data regarding our users’ surfing patterns.
2. Information about your website usage. We capture this information by using your system’s cookie file that is saved on your hard drive.
3. The information that we derive from your cookie file helps us to get an idea about your choices and preferences. This assists us in personalizing our website in terms of your needs and interests.
4. Other third parties and advertisers have the permission to place separate cookies on your drive when you click on their website. This is done with an intention to know about your web browsing patterns and what you search on their websites. This is aimed towards showing you specific advertisements that are designed to suit your needs and requirements.

What we store from Direct Mailing?
We give you an option of subscribing to our monthly/yearly newsletters and other special copies. When you opt for the same, you provide us with your email address and agree to receive the newsletter and other emails periodically from us. By choosing to subscribe with us, we will take the liberty to send you emails regarding our coupons or discounts or any other products and services that we launch. We could also send you more websites that might interest you. You can unsubscribe from the emails by getting in touch with us anytime.

How and where do we store your personal data?
MgiDeals ensures that your information is safely sealed with us on our servers. We recommend you to never share your passwords with anyone, for security reasons.

What do we do with your personal information?
The information that we store about you is mainly used for
1. Notifying you of any changes in our products or services.
2. Notifying you about any services or products that you requested us for.
3. Enabling you to have a seamless user experience on our website.
4. Ensuring that your needs are met when you visit our website for the subsequent times.
If you find any discrepancy in our policies or wish to know more about them, please get in touch with us now! You can mail us at

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